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Leasing Information

How do I know if this is the right apartment for me?

Things to consider when purchasing an apartment include:

What utilities are included in the monthly rent?
Is the apartment size large enough to accommodate all occupants and furnishings?
Is it conveniently placed near places of employment, shopping, leisure, etc.?
How does the general condition of the apartment inside and out appear?
What do you feel and observe regarding other tenants and community environment?
How often is the apartment exterminated and checked for pests?

What is a lease and how does it work?

Renting an apartment requires the signing of a lease. A lease is a written contract between you and the landlord, clearly stating the terms of your apartment stay/use.

A lease protects you from rent increases during the tem of your contract and guarantees your ability to retain your apartment unit for the term of your stay (so long as you abide by the contract terms).

Keep in mind that you have signed for a period of time to retain the apartment and if you need to vacate the apartment prior to your set move out date, you may be responsible for all or part of the remaining month's rent. Discuss terms with your landlord for further details.

What should a lease include?

A lease should include the specific address of the apartment, the length of the lease, an explanation of the rent payment procedures including due date, penalties for late payments and rent increases, utilities for which you are responsible for, termination terms, renewal terms, amount of security deposit, pet policy, repair and maintenance policy, subletting or assignment clause, house rules, landlord entry (when your landlord can enter your apartment), parking guidelines and other regulations.

What if I want to remain in my apartment past the expiration date on my lease?

If you need to change your lease during your original stated contract, you must meet with your landlord and rewrite or amend your lease. Any changes made are invalid unless agreed to by both parties. Make sure to initial and date the revisions.

To renew your lease (extend your contract), you will need to give advance notice to make sure the apartment will be available (not pre-leased to another tenant) and establish a new contract with your landlord.

Will my rent price change?

You rent is predetermined and set for the length of your lease. Your rent should be clearly stated in your lease. You will be expected to pay any rent increases beginning with the end of your current lease and the start of your new lease, should you choose to renew your apartment lease. Management must provide proper written notice to tenants notifying them of an upcoming rent increase and state the amount.

What is a security deposit?

A security deposit is money you put down to lock-in your apartment. The funds are retained by the landlord until you move out. Your landlord may deduct from your deposit any unpaid rent or utility bills that you owe, payment for damages rendered to the apartment that are classified as beyond normal wear and tear and other breach offenses of the lease that cause financial loss to the landlord.

Refunding Your Security Deposit

If you have fulfilled all the terms of the lease (including giving the landlord proper notice, if required), have paid the rent in full and on time, and have left no financial obligation to the landlord, and have left your apartment in the same condition as when you moved in, minus "normal wear and tear," you are entitled to a full return of the security deposit. The tenant should either collect the security deposit in person or leave a forwarding address with the landlord so that the landlord can return the deposit.

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